Microwave Oven Inbuilt


A microwave oven inbuilt is a beautiful gift to our kitchen. It provides some additional advantages as compared to conventional ovens.

The key benefit of choosing a microwave oven inbuilt lies in its space-saving design and compactness. These devices are installed in the kitchen cabinet and let your kitchen counter free to use for other purposes.

In this article, I will give you a detailed overview of the best microwave oven inbuilt.

I want to add here that microwave ovens inbuilt are higher in price than countertop ovens. Also, you have to take the help of a licensed professional for its installation.

It will be a permanent device in your kitchen that you cannot remove easily. These types of microwaves are a little pricey, but they are the true value of money.


Are you looking for the best Microwave Oven inbuilt? You have come to the right place! 

I have been married for the last ten years. Managing the home and the office has always been challenging for me. I especially have stale food during the office lunch break used to be a big issue for me. 

It is where I came to know about Microwave Oven inbuilt. If you don’t know it already, you can re-heat the food that has been cooked earlier in your home. 

This device is better than heating the food on the normal gas stove because it does not transfer harmful elements like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc., to your food. 

Also, heating the food on the gas stove can burn it. Eating burnt food can lead to cancer, so do you want to risk your life with that?


So, Microwave Oven inbuilt is the way to go. There are several models available on Amazon. And since I did thorough research and got a few for myself, I will share my detailed strategies and results. 

Top 10 Microwave Oven Inbuilt in 2021

1. Whirlpool 73L Built in Oven Convection Oven (AKZM 797 IXL, Silver)


Whirlpool Microwave inbuilt oven

Whirlpool 73 L built-in oven is an award-winning convection microwave oven that makes your life simple with its innovations. It offers you a plethora of features that eliminates guesswork and makes things easy in the kitchen.

You’ll be amazed with its Turbo Grill function that gives ‘Split Roast Effect’ to cooking. This function ensures cripier outside and succulent inside. It performs its task by boosting hot air over the food surface that also ensures evenly cooked food.

The LCD display with control knobs looks amazing on the front that enhances the beauty of the product. Moreover, control knobs are easy to use and durable too.

73 L capacity gives you enough space to cook large meals for your loved ones. You can easily prepare sweet and savoury doughs with its innovative Rising Function.

The best part is you don’t have to preheat the oven as Whirlpool 73 L microwave oven inbuilt has a powerful convection system. So you can enjoy your delicacies without delay.

Thus, this product is a versatile equipment that makes your tasks easier, smarter, and even faster than before.


  • Capacity: 73 L
  • Type of Grill: Turbo
  • Control Knobs with LCD display
  • 14 Auto-Cooking Functions
  • Color: Silver
  • Keep-Warm Feature
  • Quick-Defrost
  • Rising Function


  • Sturdy Silver color adds a class to your kitchen
  • Faster and Easier functions
  • Keep-Warm feature allows you to keep warm food for upto 4 hours
  • Rising Function helps to prepare for sweet and savory doughs
  • No preheating is required


  • Moisture may trap in the door



KAFF built-in Microwave Oven

KAFF KOV 73 MRFT microwave oven inbuilt is a versatile equipment that enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

It has a stainless steel finish which makes your microwave last longer. This appliance helps you to cook food evenly without compromising on its nutritional value.

This oven comes with an extra-large cavity of 73L, which allows you to cook food in large quantities.

It provides multi-functional cooking techniques such as Defrost, Lower heating, traditional oven facility, Bottom heating with rotisserie.


  • 73L Extra-Large cavity
  • Rotary Control Dials
  • 60 cm Electric Oven
  • Three-layered Glass Door
  • Matt Black Finish Steel Handle
  • Full Black Tempered Glass Finish
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Multi-Function Oven with Mechanical Timer
  • Defrost
  • Bottom Heating Element with Rotisserie
  • Lower Heating Element
  • Convection


  • Extra-large interior space allows you to cook food in bulk at once.
  • Stainless steel finish gives the elegant look to your kitchen.
  • Child lock allows you safety especially if you have kids in your home.
  • Backed with Powerful Convection Technology
  • Various Preset options are available for cooking purposes
  • Last but not the least it is stylish and elegant in design


  • Bulky

3. MODA GERMANY | 34 60cm 34L


Moda Germany 34 L

Moda Germany 60cm microwave oven inbuilt Martin-34 comes with Full Black Tempered Glass, giving a stylish look to your kitchen.

It is a combination of Microwave, Grill, and Convection that allows you to cook evenly. It’s a one-touch control appliance that is very easy to use.

This product is designed very accurately, keeping in mind the cooking habits of the present time. It has a digital clock with a display to monitor food even from a distance, and you can set a timer also if you don’t want to babysit the food.  

Child lock facility is an add-on feature in the device, which gives you safety if you have kids in your home.

In short, it is a perfect blend of style and function, which makes it a must-have appliance in the kitchen.


  • Full touch Controls
  • Full Black Tempered Glass
  • Interior Lighting
  • Oven Capacity: 34L
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Child Lock
  • Multi-Function: Microwave, Grill, Convection
  • Digital Clock Timer Display
  • Energy Efficiency “A”
  • Push Door Operating System
  • Thermostat: 230 degrees


  • Elegant and stylish
  • Stainless steel interior is easy to clean and is a maneuver
  • Multi-Functions provides you with even cooking without compromising on nutritional value
  • It belongs to class “A” in Energy Efficiency which helps to reduce power consumption and thus electricity bills


  • Water vapors may get trapped in the door



Generic Kraft Italy inbuilt Oven

Generic Kraft Italy 56L  Microwave Oven Inbuilt is aptly suitable for baking, grilling, toasting, and other cooking needs. It comes with a stainless steel body which looks attractive and adds durability to the product.

This oven is equipped with various features like popping knobs, grill shelf, oven tray, and black glass finish adds a class to your kitchen.


  • Capacity : 56 Litres
  • Color : Black
  • Single Door Oven
  • Have a mild steel body
  • Convection
  • Have touchpad and dripping pan
  • Warranty : One year


  • High Capacity
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Smart Cooking setting with genius sensor
  • Effortless Heating
  • User-Friendly
  • Convection function helps homogenous cooking


  •       Doesn’t have child lock feature which ensures safety



Faber Built-in oven

If you want to take your cooking skill to the next level, then the Faber FBIO microwave oven inbuilt is the perfect option for you. This product has a large cavity that helps you to cook meals in large quantities for your dear ones. It is embedded with a push or pulls control knob, which is easy and smooth to operate.

This oven is equipped with four cooking functions that boost your passion for cooking and lets you enjoy hassle-free cooking.

It has an aluminium handlebar three-layer door which makes this product durable and lasts longer. So it’s pocket-friendly too.

Last but not least it is Energy Saving Device which helps you to reduce your electricity bills.


  • Built-in oven 
  • Enamel Interior
  • Push and Pull knob
  • Clock timer feature
  • Three-layer Glass Door
  • Conventional Fan
  • 4 cooking Function: Grill, Convection, Defrost, Grill with Fan
  • Cool Touch Glass
  • Has Temperature Control Function


  • Enamel Interior helps for easy cleaning
  • Push or pull knob in combination with 4 cooking functions helps efficient and faster heating of food.
  • Touch glass adds glamour to the kitchen decor.
  • Temperature control function doesn’t allow food to get burnt
  • 3 layer glass door adds durability to the product


  • Bulky
  • Hard to press the push or pull the button

6. Bosch 60 Pyrolytic Built-In Single Oven Stainless Steel HBN574BROZ


Bosch 60 Pyrolitic Inbuilt Single Oven

Bosch 60 Pyrolytic Built-in Single Oven Stainless Steel HBN574BROZ justify its name and the brand.

This microwave oven inbuilt oven is an all-round performer which adds aesthetic to the modern kitchen. It has a large cavity with multi-functioning. 

This oven has a Pyrolytic feature which is an added advantage. This feature helps to self-clean the oven. It also has 3D hot-air for optimal distribution of heat on up to 2 levels simultaneously.

Digital display adds to its glamour and style to your kitchen. It is also embedded with a child lock function to ensure safety. Both these features enhance the look and safety functionality of the device.

The combination of the extra-large cavity, wattage, and stainless steel body makes it a perfect piece of art that you must have in your kitchen.


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Capacity: 71 L
  • Size : 60cm
  • Pyrolytic Function
  • Wattage: 2200W
  • Rapid Heating up Function
  • Integrated Internal Light and Cooling Fan
  • Digital Display with Electronic Clock
  • Child lock Function
  • 3D Hotair 
  • Multi-Function Oven with 7 heating Heating Methods


  • Durable
  • Efficient Performance
  • Fast and Versatile
  • 7 heating methods: Hot Air Grilling, 3D hot air, Full-width grill, Hot Air Gentle, Pizza Setting, Conventional Heat and Bottom Heat
  • Pyrolytic self-clean Function
  • High wattage ensures less time consumption 


  •  Bit Expensive

7. BOSCH SERIE | 2 60cm 66Ltr built-in oven with  3D HOTAIR


Bosch Serie Microwave Oven Inbuilt

Bosch HBF011BROZ Built-in Oven is a beautiful development by its engineers, which has helped to take our cooking to the next level.

It has a glass-door display which helps you to cook different mouth-watering recipes.

With its stainless steel body and control panel, this oven adds class to your kitchen. It also has a feature to set an alarm that allows you to take care of other household chores while food is being cooked.

This oven is ranked in class A for its energy efficiency. So you enjoy your cooking without worrying about electricity bills as it has low power consumption.


  • Stainless steel body which gives durability to the span life of the oven
  • 66 Litres, Microwave grill Convection
  • Power Consumption: Convection – 790 W | Grill – 980 W
  • Suitable for: Cooking, Baking, Grilling, Roasting, Defrosting
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Dimension(H*W*D): 59.5cm*59.4cm*54.8cm
  • Control type: Rotating Knob
  • Wattage: 220 Watts
  • Heating type: Convection + Grill


  • Glass doors with an interior light provide you with the privilege to observe your food from outside.
  • This oven belongs to class A for its energy-saving and thus provides you with less power consumption
  • It comes with a long cord of length 100cm long, so you don’t have to worry if your switchboard is far off.
  • It has Granite Enamel as its interior which is very easy to clean.


  •     The only drawback is that moisture may be trapped in the door

8. Kaff OV 70AMSS 60 cm Electric Oven with True Convection


KAFF built-in oven

KAFF OV 70AMSS gives you ample opportunities to polish your culinary skills. This product is a Multi-Function oven that provides you an array of features to ease your life.

With black tempered glass and long stainless steel handle, this oven looks ravishing in your kitchen. Blue LED lit rotary control dials even add to the sight. 

60 cm Electric Oven with True Convection ensues crispier food from outside and tender inside. Moreover, 70 L capacity enables you to cook food in large quantities.

This product by KAFF Energy Efficient ‘A’ class ensures less consumption of power and thus is pocket-friendly too.


  • Cavity 70 L
  • Defrost Function
  • Three layer glass door
  • Blue LED lit Rotary Control Dials
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Black-tempered glass with half mirror glass finish
  • Multi-Function Oven
  • Fan assisted Grill
  • Rotisserie with top heating element


  • Anti-Finger Stainless Steel Finish
  • Fan assisted grill ensures even heating of food
  • Defrost function allows to thaw food quickly
  • Three layer glass door is durable
  • Less power consumption


  • Not observed yet

9. Siemens 21 L Black BE634LGS1|


Siemens Built-In Oven

The Siemens 21L BE634LGS1 microwave oven inbuilt gives your kitchen an artistic touch that guarantees more free space in your small kitchen. This built-in oven ensures durability, easy maintenance, and reliability as this oven features stainless steel interior cavity.

It has a 21 L capacity, which is more than enough for small to medium-sized families. The Viewable glass door and the LED illumination help you to monitor the food inside while cooking.

It has a push-button with touch control that ensures easy and fast operation. It also has a TFT display which displays the set temperature. Seven automatic programs help you enjoy your favorite and mouth-watering dishes.

Turbo defrost feature ensures faster and homogenous thawing so as not to compromise on its nutritional value. The left sideways opening is perfect for elevated installation as it provides the maximum opening of the door up to 160 degrees.

This model ensures healthy and flavourful cooking.


  • 21 L Capacity
  • TFT Display and Touch Control
  • Wattage: 900 watt
  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • LED illumination
  • Side-Opening Hinged Door
  • Defrost
  • 5 microwave power setting with Inverter
  • 7 auto cook menu


  • Stainless Steel Cavity ensures durability to the oven
  • Viewable glass helps to monitor food while cooking
  • Defrost enables to thaw the food evenly
  • Touch controls ensure easy operation
  • 5 microwave power setting with an inverter ensures a steady stream of power to cook food evenly.


  • Hard to push or pull down the button
  • Not suitable for a large family



Frigidaire Inbuilt Microwave Oven

FRIGIDAIRE Built-In microwave oven 2.2, stainless steel is a beautiful product by Frigidaire. It will amaze you with its features and functionalities.

This microwave oven inbuilt can capacitate a variety of different dishes as it has a large cavity.

It automatically adjusts cooking time power levels so that you don’t have to make guesses as it is inscribed with over 30 pre-programmed options.

This product has easy to use the one-touch button that offers you many ways to fulfill your cooking desires.

This unit also has a big glass turntable that can hold large casseroles and big bowls and enabling you to cook food in quantity. It can be mounted on the wall and can also sit on the worktop as per your needs.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t occupy much space on your counter because of its wisely designed drop-down door.

 It gives your kitchen a beautiful charm with its aesthetics and makes the cooking process very easy. 


  • POWER 1200W
  • CAPACITY 2.2 cu. Ft
  • Over 30 preset options
  • LED display
  • Keep warm setting
  • Easy to use touch button controls
  • Sensor cooking
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel finish
  • Turntable glass
  • Optional built in trim kit


  • LED display with touch control panel
  • Easy to clean from inside and outside
  • Keep warm setting keeps food warm unless served
  • Large cavity and big turntable enables to cook food in bulk
  • Auto cook features ensure variety of food


  • Door handle may get damaged if not used with care
  • Cost to be incurred on trim kit

PURCHASING GUIDE: Best Microwave oven Inbuilt In 2021

After reviewing through the detailed list of best microwave ovens inbuilt, we have tried our best to reveal the answer to the query: Which Microwave Oven Inbuilt is the best choice of 2021.

Earlier microwave ovens were just treated as a heating device, but now with advancement in its features and functionalities it has become a MULTI-Task performer. 

Everybody has different needs, so do their preferences. Which microwave to choose will depend on various variants. You can buy a microwave oven depending on its usability whether you want a simple device to cook or an appliance with various auto-cook menus.

You can also rely on its wattage, as more wattage means more power and thus more heat to cook food rapidly. Average wattage varies between 600-1200 watts while large ovens can have upto 1600 watts.

Small-sized oven : 600-800 watts

Medium-sized oven : 800-1200 watts

Large-sized oven : upto 1600watts

Depending on your family size you can opt for a small, medium and large-sized oven.

Hence which microwave oven inbuilt you purchase depends totally on your usage and preferences. Although we are going to give you the details of important factors which should be considered before buying your MUST-HAVE device below in the article.

BEST Microwave Oven Inbuilt Brands available in India


Since its inception in 1918, Panasonic has been supporting its customers with better livelihoods which is always centered on “people” and eventually on the life of their people. 

They are continuing to offer a wide range of goods, systems, and services, from consumer electronic products to industrial products based on innovative electronics technology.

They will continue to work tirelessly to provide new ideas for a better way of living in different spaces and areas such as households, communities, companies, traveling, and automobiles to help achieve “A Better Life, A Better World” for every individual client.      

Driven by patented Inverter TechnologyTM, the Panasonic Microwave Ovens provide evenly cooked food every time from the edges to the centre.

The Panasonic microwaves are available to fit in any kitchen in any size, from small to large.

To complete and suit your kitchen appliances, you can choose between black, white, and stainless steel microwaves. Explore the best integrated and countertop microwave ovens in Panasonic’s class.    

If you are looking for Panasonic Microwave Oven Inbuilt, we have got you covered. The complete list of Panasonic Microwave Oven Inbuilt is available to you. It will surely help you to purchase a suitable model for domestic as well for commercial purpose.

Panasonic depends upon the technology it uses as well as other things. 

The innovative range of Panasonic Microwave Oven Inbuilt is as follows:

  • 1.2 cu.ft built-in/countertop oven-NN SN686S with Inverter Technology
  • 1.6 cu.ft built-in/countertop oven-NN SD745S with Inverter Technology
  • 1.3 cu.ft built-in/countertop oven-NN SU696S with Inverter Technology
  • 2.2 cu.ft built-in/countertop oven-NN SN966S with Inverter Technology
  • 1.6 cu.ft built-in/countertop oven-NN SE785S with cyclonic waves inverter technology
  • 2.2 cu.ft built-in/countertop oven-NN SE985S with cyclonic waves inverter technology

They are available in various price ranges which starts from rupees 14,000.

Panasonic also provides microwave ovens with large cavities and high wattage for commercial purposes.


Frigidaire Appliance Company is the US brand subsidiary of the European parent company Electrolux for consumer and industrial home appliances.

It is the most reliable and trustworthy brand you have come to know. With the enhancing years it has attained goodwill among leading appliance brands through lowest number of service calls.

With this brand, you can be sure of good material, easy to use features, and last but not the least its highest quality performance will amaze you. 

It serves you with different variants of microwave oven inbuilt with different cavities and watts that serves your domestic as well as commercial purpose.

Different variants of Frigidaire Microwave Oven Inbuilt available to you are as follows:

  • Frigidaire Gallery 2.2 cu. ft Built-In Microwave Oven-FGM O226nud
  • Professional 2.2 cu. ft Built-In Microwave Oven-FPM 22NUF
  • Built-In Microwave Oven with drop down door-FGM 03067ud | Frigidaire Gallery 30”
  • Professional 30”Built-In Convection Microwave Oven with drop down door-FPM 03077TF
  • 1.6 cu. ft Frigidaire Built-In Microwave Oven-FFMO1611LS

If you want to go for this brand, it costs somewhere around Rs.20,000.


KAFF is one of the leading brands in India known for its quality and exhaustive product variants. It has become no.1 brand in built-in kitchen appliances across the country. 

It has also been awarded the India’s Most Trusted Brand by Readers Digest.

This brand is fortunate with the peculiar ability to access customer’s needs and convert them into a useful product in no time.

Due to its aesthetics and quality standards, its products are a bit pricey, but they are true value of money.

They focus more on technology as compared to any other aspect.It firmly believes that aesthetics may go out, but technology is what stays for a long time.

Thus, they provide you with better products with enhanced services.

Kaff offers you a different models of Microwave Oven Inbuilt which are as under:

  • KB7A | Built-In microwave | capacity 32Litres
  • KCM B2-BLK | Built-In electric combi oven
  • KMW 5PJ |Cavity 20Litres
  • Cavity 25Litres | touch control | KMW 8A-BLK
  • Full White Tempered Glass with Touch controls | KMW 8A-SWT

Kaff is a perfect combination of grill and microwave which makes cooking less time-consuming and stress free.

As I have told you already its products are usually a bit expensive, but render true value to your money. They range from about 20,000 to 1,00,000.


Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services in areas of consumer goods, industrial solutions, mobility solutions and mobility.

It works on the motto, “INVENTED FOR LIFE”. 

This brand stands for its quality, beautiful design and precision engineering. It provides you with creative tools that makes your life easier and comfortable.

Bosch empowers consumers around the world with thoughtfully engineered German technology.

You cannot cook food faster than in the microwave, they are multi talented too. They perform the function of thawing, roasting and even baking in very less time and that too with great efficiency.

Life would be much simpler and easier with Bosch. If you are looking for this brand, here is the list of its top model of Microwave Oven Inbuilt :

Other variants are also available with steam function and 3 D hot air for extra fast performance. You can make choices as per your needs and preferences for this microwave oven inbuilt.

Bosch range starts from 30,000 and can go upto 200,000. Its products will never disappoint you.


  • Serie | 8 Built-In Microwave Oven 60 x 38 cm BFL634GB
  • Built-In Microwave Oven 59 x 38 cm BEL553MS0I | Serie | 4
  • BEL550MSOI | Serie | 4 Built-In Microwave Oven 59 x 38 cm
  • HMT75M551 | Serie | 2 Built-In Microwave Oven 50 x 36 cm Stainless steel

IFB well known brand is an Indian based company. They provide household appliances which include a microwave, washing machine, dryers and dishwasher.

This brand is known for its durability as they manufacture motors for white goods and automotive applications.

IFB originally known as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd and was incorporated in 1974 in collaboration with Hienrich Schmid AG of Switzerland.

They offers you an array of features in their products which satisfy all your culinary desires. 

They represent the leading edge of technology which depicts their products and service solutions. 

Microwave Oven Inbuilt by IFB fits well with your modular design and enhances its aesthetics and thus adds its modernity. It makes your cooking easy and hassle-free.

IFB Microwave Oven Inbuilt models available are as under:

  • IFB 656 ETC/E-RCT 58 L l Convection
  • 34BlCl (Built in) 34 L l Convection
  • IFB 656 MTC/E-RCT 58 L l Convection
  • Convection| IFB 656 FTC/E-TRC 58 L

The product range of this microwave oven inbuilt starts from 36,000.


Single oven

As the name suggests it usually has a single oven for every activity of cooking like heating, baking, boiling, etc.

They can be placed under a counter or eye-level chamber in your kitchen so as to give you the liberty to use your counter space for other needful purposes.

A wide variety of single ovens are available in the market.  These types of ovens are usually 60m tall and provide you enough space to cook food

The only limitation is you cannot go for baking and cooking at the same time as it has only a single oven to function.

Double oven

Double oven gives you two compartments to enjoy baking and cooking simultaneously.

In other ovens you won’t get this advantage, you have to bake and grill separately. Moreover, double ovens are spacious enough to cook big meals.

The baking in the double oven is of superior level, it gives you the extra crunch.

The only drawback of a double oven is that it is pricier than other variants of ovens. But you get the value for the extra money you pay for the double oven.

Double ovens are about 90cm tall and required to be tucked into the kitchen cabinet.

Single Compact Oven

Single compact ovens come with a grill inside the oven compartment itself. They are smaller than the single ovens of about 45cm tall.

You can also opt for Compact Steam Oven which gives you additional functionality to cook your food.

The only thing you have to be taken care of while purchasing it is that you cannot cook meals for feast.

Double built-under Oven

The first and foremost characteristic to be noted about this oven is that it comes with two ovens which gives you the privilege to cook and bake at a time.

Double built-under ovens are tucked in the cabinet under your worktop in the kitchen.

You don’t have to sacrifice your worktop space for the kitchen which you can use for other needful purposes.

Double built-under ovens are about 72cm tall and can be placed at eye-level in the kitchen cabinet.


Built-in Microwave oven

1. Spacious:- You can cook food in large quantities as it provides a much larger interior in comparison to countertop ovens.

2. Permanent Device:- It is placed permanently in a kitchen chamber or on the wall.

3. Open Sides:- Usually these types of ovens have open sides due to which placing them in a cabinet or wall will cover the sides.

4. Big Size:- They are normally big in size which perfectly goes with your spacious and modern kitchen.

Countertop Oven

1. Functions:- It can perform the function of a heater, cooker, roaster, baker, and toaster.

2. Portable:- You have to place it on a flat counter in the kitchen and it should also not be a flammable surface when you are using it.

3. Normal Size:- They are usually the same size as normal convection ovens.

4. Rotisserie Feature:- These types of ovens have rotisserie features inbuilt into them. 

About The ideal Microwave Oven Inbuilt

The microwave has become a Must-Have device in your kitchen. It is no longer only a heating device but has become a multi-task performer that can bake, cook and thaw. It fulfills all your needs of cooking. Thus dependency on ovens for cooking functions has increased to a great extent.  So an ideal inbuilt microwave oven should imbibe all the features which fulfill expectations of the modern world. It should be spacious enough to cook meals in bulk if anybody has a large family. It should be a space-saver as well as an energy-saver too. 


Damages the Nutrients

This is one of the common myths that nutrients are lost while cooking in the microwave.

Yes, it is true, shocked actually nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-c get lost while cooking, be it on stove gas or in a microwave box.

In Fact, the microwave takes less time for cooking than cooking on stove gas. So it has a tendency to lose fewer nutrients.

Costs more than Conventional stoves

Microwaves are said to be Energy Efficient Device as they take less time to cook or heat the food.

They conserve nearly 80percent of energy as to cook or heat the food is just a matter of seconds.

In fact, conventional stoves consume more thermal energy to cook food and are not energy efficient. 

Causes Dangerous Diseases

This can be true if you don’t comply with some of the microwave rules.

Actually, you should not use plastic containers to cook or even heat the food though these pots are said to be BPA(bisphenol A) free.

BPA is a chemical which is used in making plastics which get released into the food stuff on being heated.

This absorption of chemicals in food may cause cancer, weight gain and other autoimmune diseases.


Earlier Microwaves were restricted to heating purposes only. Innovation has changed its shape as well its usage. These are some main uses of Microwaves and ovens.


One of the main purposes of a microwave and oven is to reheat the food.

Food gets heated up in a few seconds in the oven and doesn’t lose moisture of the foodstuff to make it soggy.

It also retains the foodstuff in its original form. You can heat the food in 2 minutes if the quantity is less and it will take 10 to 15 minutes if food is in large quantities.


This function is very helpful when you are to cook frozen food. It thaws the stuff whether it be vegetables or meat very quickly without losing its originality. It retains the nutrients of the food stuff intact.


Microwave Oven Inbuilt has taken the culinary world to the next level.

Earlier we used this appliance for heating but now we have become MASTER CHEF because of its innovation.

We can bake basic cookie cakes or a designer Birthday cake with its auto cook menu. Margherita Pizza and Lasagna are also not out of our reach.

You can enjoy happy baking with its pre programmed menu.


A microwave boils the food in just a few seconds and that too evenly.

This is one of the most important methods of cooking any kind of food. It takes less time than a stove and you can also set time for boiling.

Nutrients don’t get lost while steaming soup or other beverages in the oven as it takes less time for the process.


Fruits and vegetables need to be blanched takes more time conventionally than the time taken by a microwave oven.

It retains the nutrients of the eatables as it takes extremely less time to do the process than a gas stove.

Microwave oven inbuilt is the one-shot solution for your various cooking needs. It is gaining popularity day by day due to its modern features and functionalities.

Earlier it is just a heating device but now it has become a multi-function performer. So the title of MUST-HAVE appliance aptly suits it.

Important factors To know before buying MICROWAVE OVEN INBUILT


They are usually bigger in size and their interiors are like that you can cook a large quantity of food at once for your family and friends.

Space Saver

As microwave oven inbuilt is a permanent fixture in a kitchen chamber, they free up the counter space that you can use for other purposes.

Homogenous Cooking

Microwave oven inbuilt is known for its homogenous cooking ability. They cook food from all sides which leads to cooking food evenly without losing its nutritional value.

Powerful Motor

Microwave Oven Inbuilt generally have a high watt of a motor which reduces the cooking time and thus adds to its functionality.


In today’s modern era, we are very particular about designs. So, first of all, check whether the particular Microwave Oven Inbuilt you choose goes with your home decors or not.

Warranty terms

They matter a lot when you encounter some defects in the product you buy. So always check for the warranty of an Microwave oven Inbuilt you buy as it will secure you in case of any inconvenience.


This is an important factor while choosing an Microwave Oven Inbuilt as one has to check whether a particular oven fits into his budget or not. 


Microwave oven inbuilt must provide you with spacious interiors so that you can accommodate a large quantity of food for your dear ones. It also helps you to save lots of time, your efforts, and your electricity bills as you can cook food in bulk at once.


The kitchen is an important area of your house where we spend lots of time, so every device in the kitchen should be user-friendly. Thus Microwave Oven Inbuilt should be easy to handle and fast to use.


Always measure the dimensions first before buying the oven so that you choose the perfect size of microwave oven inbuilt.

Easy Installation

Usually, these types of ovens are bulky and need a licensed professional to install them. So you must check out its installation services which may not daunt you after the product has been purchased.


Nowadays, we guys are very keen on brands whether it be anything. So you must research beforehand which brand is popular and is also fulfilling all your expectations.

Window Display

You can monitor the food while it’s being cooked without opening its door. This is also an added advantage. So you must look at whether the oven has a viewable window or not.  

Pyrolytic self-cleaning

This process helps you spend less time cleaning the oven. At just a touch of a button, this function converts dirt to dust which you can vacuum or wipe out dirt with a cloth.


Always prefer to have a stainless steel body type oven so that it lasts longer and pocket friendly too.

Auto cook Menu

Allows you to just set the timing and get busy with other household chores, you don’t have to babysit the microwave. When food gets cooked, the microwave itself stops the process. 


If you have kids in your home, this feature is a must to look. It allows you to lock the oven so that your kids may not open it while the device is functioning.


Q.1.Can a countertop microwave be inbuilt or vice versa

A.1.  No, absolutely not, a countertop microwave oven can ever be used as a microwave oven inbuilt. Only selected models can be tucked in the kitchen chamber. Inbuilt microwaves need professional installation as they come with a trim kit. Although countertop ovens are more versatile, they occupy extra space on your kitchen counter. They cannot be placed in the kitchen chamber as they have different technology and make.

Q.2. How do you know what size of built-in oven you need to buy?

A.2.  Built-in oven capacity cannot be measured in width rather it is calculated in litres. All built-in ovens come in a standard size, they slightly vary according to the models. So if you are planning to buy a bigger oven you have to check its capacity rather than size. Capacity is measured in litres, the more litres, the more quantity of food you can cook at a time. Microwave oven inbuilt will have a capacity which lies between 60L to 110L.

Q.3. What clearance is required for built-in microwaves?

A.3.  Built-in microwaves must clear the standards set by the FDA, which is called a strict radiation safety standard. They need ADA/ANSI clearance for which they have to comply with the following 5 features:-Forward Reach and Approach, Side Reach, Control Panel, and Location. Microwaves should also be checked and evaluated for energy leaks.

Q.4. How do you remove a microwave oven inbuilt?

A.4. Though removing the built-in microwave from its cabinet may sound tricky, but you can easily do it by following any DIY video and move on step by step. Ensure, anybody must accompany you while you are removing the screws or opening the cabinet top.

Q.5. What watts of microwave do I need to buy?

A.5. The wattage is very important in the context of the oven as the higher the wattage, the higher the heat, and thus less time required for cooking food. So for the fastest and efficient cooking, you need high watts of power in the oven. The average wattage in built-in ovens ranges between 600-1200 watts. Therefore, you need to decide accordingly.

Q.6. Can I use a microwave oven inbuilt without putting it in the cabinet?

A.6. The answer to this question is absolutely not. Built-in microwaves are known for their exposed sides for which reason they must have to be placed in the kitchen chamber. Otherwise, it would be risky to use it.

Q.7.Why microwave oven inbuilt are more expensive than other variants of microwaves?

A.7. Built-in microwaves are a little pricier because of the value they add. They use high-end technology to cook food which makes it tasty and nutritious. These ovens have a built-in fan that works in unity with microwave radiation and thus cooks food evenly. 

Q.8.Which is the best brand when you choose a microwave oven inbuilt?

A.8. The answer to this question may vary on personal needs and preferences as all of us are not the same then how can our taste be the same. Personally, I would recommend KAFF as it inhibits each and every feature that a built-in oven should have. It has perfect configurations, after-sale services, and many other latest features, so I would highly recommend it.

Q.9.Should I buy microwave oven inbuilt online?

A.9.We are living in the digital era, so buying online is quite the right decision. Moreover, we are provided with each and every detail of the product online, so what is the harm in buying online. Also, it saves our time and effort to wander from shop to shop in search of the right option. 

Q.10. How can you register for a service request?

A.10. You can simply do so by using a particular company’s application, their helpline number or you can also Email them your request. Reputed companies give their best in this field to maintain their esteem, so don’t have to bother for that.

Q.11. Is installation of built-in models a bit difficult?

A.11. You cannot say its installation is difficult, but it is not like that of readymade version “countertop microwave” which you just unseal and plugin and it becomes ready to use. You have to take the help of a licensed professional which the company will itself provide for its installation.


To reveal the answer to which microwave oven inbuilt is best, the inbuilt microwave oven should pass the following checkpoints:-

  • Has a spacious interior to cook food in quantity
  • Should be pocket friendly
  • It should consume less electricity so as to be energy saving
  • The unit should not be too heavy
  • It should be durable so it must-have stainless steel body
  • Aftersale services should be superior
  • Last but not least it should blend with home decor

These checkpoints are enough to figure out which microwave oven inbuilt suits your needs. For comprehensive information, you can go through the above article.


The best microwave oven inbuilt enhances your cooking expertise and lets you enjoy tasty and favourite delicacies. We have given you ample choice of microwave oven inbuilt variants to choose which may blend with your interiors and are easy to maneuver.

These are embedded with the most innovative features that will help to polish your culinary skills. Moreover, a microwave oven inbuilt is a perfect choice if you want to thaw, heat up, or even bake the foodstuff.

It saves you lots of time in later food preparation too.

With the constant development and innovation, their compact and ergonomic design easily finds a place in your modern kitchen. 

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