10 Best Microwaves Under 5000 in India

10 Best Microwaves under 5000 in India, Is that your budget? If yes, your search will end here. Gone are the days when microwave ovens were considered a great thing and were only the reach of wealthy people. Now, the scenario has changed. With constant innovation, various brands have created wonderful products within our budget.

Microwaves are such a convenient option for cooking that makes our task easy and efficient. Moreover, with the hike in prices of gas cylinders, demand for microwave ovens has increased as they are energy efficient also. 

You will get all the basic functionalities in the 10 best microwaves under 5000 in India. But if you are searching for a microwave oven with more advanced features, you can go for Best Microwaves Under 10000 and 9 Best microwaves Under 15000

Bajaj 17 Litres Solo Microwave Oven Get Pricing
IFB 17 L Solo Microwave OvenGet Pricing
Whirlpool 20 L Solo Microwave Oven Get Pricing
AmazonBasics 20 L Solo Microwave OvenGet Pricing
LG 20 L Solo Microwave OvenGet Pricing
Morophy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave OvenGet Pricing
Haier 20 L Solo Microwave Oven Get Pricing
Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave OvenGet Pricing
Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave OvenGet Pricing
Samsung 20 L Solo Microwave OvenGet Pricing

Different brands offer different types of microwave ovens that are categorized under:

Solo Microwave Oven

Grill Microwave Oven

Convection Microwave Oven

All these types of microwave ovens are featured with different functionalities that solve different purposes.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Microwave Oven In Budget

Before buying the 10 best microwaves under 5000 in India , a few checkpoints need to be considered so that a particular unit fulfills your needs and fits in your budget too. Let’s quickly check them out.


First and foremost, check out the space in your kitchen and which microwave oven size fits in that place. Microwaves are available in different dimensions, so you need to check the availability of space in your kitchen.


The capacity of a microwave oven is measured in litres. How much capacity of the oven you need depends on the size of your family. 

  • For bachelor or small family, you need 20 litres capacity
  • For medium-sized families, 20-25 litres capacity would be enough
  • You will need 30 litres or above capacity for your large family.

NOTE   Large capacity microwave oven would consume high power to raise the temperature to the limit needed by the consumer. But you can cook food in large quantities.

Programmed Features

A device without innovative functionalities is useless, as the case with the microwave oven. You must look for various programmed features like Smartwave technology, one-touch feature, pre-heating function, quick defrost and many more. These are a few essential features that must imbibe in any microwave oven for good results.


More power means less time consumption that saves energy as well. At Least 1000 watts of power is required for the efficient working of a microwave oven. Though compact microwave ovens have 700 watts of power, it is enough for that. But remember, if you opt for a high-power microwave, it will be energy efficient.


This is also an important factor while purchasing a microwave oven. Some people are constrained to reheating last night’s leftovers and don’t use their unit to its full potential. So, for them, a Solo Microwave Oven is enough. But there are some guys out there who love to experiment with food and polish their culinary skills. For them, more advanced features are required. They need to have a convection oven. For more details, you can check our article: “Why IFB Otg is popular than Beyonce?”

Additional Features

As our wishes are endless, so the features of a microwave oven are not less. We demand, and the company delivers the innovative features in their products. We prefer to have a Child-lock feature for security reasons as we have kids in our home. Automatic sensors are also required to avoid overcooking food and to lessen guesswork in the cooking process.

Different Kinds Of Microwave Oven Panels


The latest and most demanding panel is operated with sensors and works with a touch of your hands. Usually, these panels are inbuilt in high-end models that are a bit pricier, but they have long-shelf lives. Undoubtedly, the feather-touch panel adds to fashionability.

Mechanical Panels

They are the most basic panels in all the best microwaves under 5000. They are easy to operate as the mechanical knob is quite easy to set timer and temperature according to your food requirements.

Tactile Buttons

Tactile Buttons are quite common among the series of best microwaves under 5000 in India. They are easy to use and set the temperature and timer as well. They are pretty unique types of control buttons.

Difference between a microwave and an OTG?

A microwave oven is an electrical device that works on electromagnetic waves to heat food. These waves excite the water molecules in the food and heat it from inside out. This is why food without moisture will get dry in the microwave oven. 

                              An OTG or Oven Toaster Griller is also an electric device with heating rods that convert electrical energy into heat. Then this heat creates a high temperature in OTG and bakes the food. 

This device is restricted to baking only; it will take much time and thus consume more power for other purposes.

Now, you guys have enough knowledge to buy the best microwaves under 5000. You can check out our detailed list.

List of 10 best microwaves under 5000 in India 

Bajaj 17 Litres Solo Microwave Oven 

Bajaj 1701 Mt microwave oven

Bajaj is one of the renowned brands that is working for decades towards fulfilling your household needs. They offer you quality products at an affordable price. Bajaj 1701 MT microwave oven comes in 17 L capacity that suits bachelor and small families. 

It comes in a compact design and with mechanical knobs, ensures the longevity of the product. Moreover, mechanical knobs are easy to operate that control the heating levels and temperature according to your requirements. 

You can cook, reheat, and even defrost food with this unit quickly. Overall, Bajaj 17 L is the best choice if you can’t spend more but want convenience in your kitchen. That’s why this unit is placed first in our series of 10 best microwaves under 5000 in India.

                                   What we like

  • Compact size
  • Economical
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Suitable for small families
  • Timer facilitates while cooking
  • Beautiful design

                              What we don’t like 

  • Due to limited capacity, you can’t cook large meals.

IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

IFB 17 L solo microwave oven

IFB is the leading brand that is offering its services with quality and performance. This IFB unit is a Solo Microwave oven with 17 L capacity that suits bachelor or small families’ needs.

This device makes your task of cooking very simple and faster with its 3 auto-cook menu options. You can cook a variety of complex Indian dishes within a minute.

IFB 17 L also helps save energy with its stainless steel cavity, a good conductor of heat. So, it saves on your heating bills also. Notably, this oven is a complete solution for cooking as you can cook, reheat, or thaw the food at the right temperature.

                                             What we Like

  • 3-auto-cook menus
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Quick Defrost
  • Stainless Steel Cavity ensures durability
  • Mechanical knobs are easy to operate
  • Energy Saver

                                           What we don’t Like

  • Brand doesn’t provide a starter kit

Whirlpool 20 L Solo Microwave Oven 

Whirlpool Solo Microwave oven

Whirlpool is a well-known brand in the market for offering its services in the household sector. This microwave oven by Whirlpool is no exception. It has enough capacity of 20 L to cook for your family.

It comes with 21 auto-cook menus and 5 power levels that make your cooking process easy and faster with one touch. Another awesome feature is its Auto-clean which makes your cleaning task hassle-free.

The LED display enhances the beauty of the product, and feather-touch control facilitate\s ease of control. This stylish and beautiful product by Whirlpool will never let you down with its performance.

                                              What we Like 

  • Elegant and Stylish design
  • LED display
  •  Auto-Clean
  • Quick Defrost
  • Powder Coated Cavity
  • Dough Rising Feature

                                        What we don’t Like

  • No starter kit provided with the oven

AmazonBasics 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

AmazonBasics 20 L solo oven

AmazonBasics 20 L is one of the best products with basic functions. It cooks, reheats, and defrosts food with the fingertips of your hands. It comes in 20 L capacity that suits a family of 3 to 4 members.

This unit is equipped with mechanical knob controls that are easy to maneuver and durable also. Quick defrost enables you to get ready to cook within minutes; you don’t have to wait for a long time to thaw food.

The timer on the front panel of the microwave oven helps you track your cooking. The brand also provides one year warranty on the product and 3 years on the magnetron that gives you the confidence to buy the product. That’s why we have considered AmazonBasics 20 L in our list of 10 Best Microwaves Under 5000 in India.

                                                  What we Like

  • Best for small families
  • Quick Defrost
  • 5 power levels
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean interior cavity
  • Reheat Function

                                               What we don’t Like

  • Look through glass is not transparent

LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

LG 20 L solo Microwave

LG needs no recommendations, so does this product LG 20 L microwave oven. This unit offers you a plethora of attributes to make your cooking task easy and faster.

This microwave oven is perfect for reheating your last night’s leftovers and defrosting your frozen food. This unit works with intellowave technology that cooks food faster and in a healthier way. 

If you are new to cooking, then its 40 plus auto-cook menus will ease your cooking task. It is equipped with an anti-bacterial cavity that ensures a hygienic interior. 

                                       What we Like

  • Intellowave technology
  • Quick Defrost
  • 44 auto-cook menus
  • Anti-bacterial cavity
  • Keep Warm feature
  • Energy Saver
  • Health plus menu

                                     What we don’t Like

  • Only one year warranty on the product

Morophy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

Morophy Richards 20 L oven

This is one our top rated products in our series of best microwave under 5000. This unit gives you the complete solution to your cooking problems. It offers you an array of features to make your cooking task simpler and faster.

It allows you to spend more time with your family. Moreover, your kids will start loving homemade food if you cook in this unit. This unit gives you complete exposure to polish your culinary skills and helps you to become a versatile chef.

Does its job very well to outrank other competitors, best for small families and bachelors.

                                            What we Like

  • Compact Design
  • Mirror Finish Door adds to its beauty
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use rotational knob dial
  • Quick Defrost feature

                                           What we don’t Like

  • No touchpad
  • Ideal only for reheating and thawing

Haier 20 L Solo Microwave Oven 

Haier 20 L microwave oven

Haier is also a trusted brand that strives to deliver high performance with quality results. This 20 L Solo microwave oven comes with a one-year warranty and is ideal for cooking, reheating, and defrosting food quickly.

This unit enables you to lessen your guesswork as integrated controls provide easy access to cook settings. You can choose from different power levels to ease the task of cooking.

This device is powered with 940 watts of magnetron that ensures faster and even cooking. Integrated Standby features inbuilt aids in energy-saving upto 40 percent. So, overall this microwave oven helps to make your life convenient and hassle-free.

                                         What we Like

  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • User-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Stand-by Mode
  • Quick Defrost

                                           What we don’t Like

  • Only one year warranty on the product

Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

Bajaj 20 L grill oven

Bajaj is the leading company in household products that delivers us new and innovative products now and then. This time it is no exception with Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven.

This unit not only helps you to reheat your last night’s leftovers rather it lets you enjoy your favorite grilled food. It is also featured with express cooking and quick defrost to make your cooking process easy and faster.

This oven also ensures your security and safety with the Child-lock function if you have small kids in your home. Its auto-cook menu makes your life hassle-free as you have to press the preset menu with desired temperature and timing for the food.

Notably, the Bajaj grill microwave oven is the best product by the company under our series of best microwaves under 5000, rest you decide with your preferences.

                                          What we Like

  • Ideal for reheating, thawing, and grilling
  • Child-Lock feature
  • 5 power levels
  • Auto-cook menu lessen the guesswork in cooking
  • Jog dials are easy to use to control panel
  • Smart wave technology

                                        What we don’t Like

  • Warranty maybe more

Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

Panasonic 20 L solo microwave

Bring home this Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven with 20 L capacity and cook delicious meals for your dear ones. It’s a Japanese brand that gives you endless innovations in its products to cater to modern lifestyle needs.

Thoughtfully designed units give you a compact exterior and maximum interior that lets you cook large meals for your family. With 51 cooking options and 5 power levels, you can cook easily and efficiently.

The hassle-free defrosting feature enables you not to wait for longer to defrost the food and prepare your meals. The Jog dials are easy to use and promise durability.

Lastly, this brand crafts its products with premium grade material that ensures long life to the products.

                                              What we Like

  • Crafted with premium-grade quality
  • 5 different power levels
  • 51 Cooking Options
  • Quick Defrost
  • Easy to use Jog Dials
  • Maximum Interior

                                               What we don’t Like

  • May get noisy after sometime

Samsung 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

Samsung Solo Microwave oven

Samsung is a Korean brand that is quite popular in appliances and electronics. This Samsung 20 L microwave oven is a top-rated brand that ensures quality and boasts for its performance.

This unit has a plethora of attributes that enhance convenience in your kitchen. It has a TDS system inbuilt that heats the food evenly and gives you the best results.

This device is efficiently used for reheating, defrosting, and cooking food. The LED display looks exceptionally fashionable to its panel. The touch panel is quite sensitive and facilitates ease of use.

                                             What we Like

  • TDS system ensures even cooking
  • LED display looks fashionable
  • Touch panel is easy to use
  • Child-Lock Safety feature
  • Rapid Defrost
  • With no corner cavity, cleaning becomes quite easy

                                        What we don’t like

  • Ideal only for reheating and thawing food

Quick Safety Tips

  • Never run your microwave oven empty
  • Always clean your microwave from inside and outside after every usage; any residual may lead to microwave arcing.
  • Always use a child-lock function for safety if you have small kids in your home.
  • Use only microwave-safe cookware in the microwave oven. Metals are not used in microwaves.
  • Use mittens for loading and unloading of food in the microwave oven.


So, you have read the whole article, that’s great. Now, you are well informed about the 10 best microwaves under 5000 in India. You can decide what features you all need in your microwave oven, which type of microwave oven you prefer, and many other factors that will zero down your decision to pick the best piece for you.

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