Searching for a, ‘ A Lazy Man’s Guide To KAFF OVEN’ so as to zero down to the best KAFF OVEN model for you.? Your journey would definitely ends here.

Nowadays, Oven has become an indispensable kitchen device that lets you enjoy delicious and hot food all the time and ultimately saves your time.

This gadget is equipped with various features and it is an ongoing process to enhance its functionalities.

Some may use it only for heating and melting purposes. In that case you can opt for a microwave oven with basic features. 

But if you want to cook like a professional, you can consider the following  range of KAFF OVEN


This list of top 5 KAFF OVEN will definitely help you in your selection of oven as I am giving in-depth knowledge of their features, pros as well as their cons.

KAFF KMW5PJ | Capacity 20 L

Top 5 Kaff Oven

This Oven comes with 20 litres capacity which is suitable for small and medium-sized families. It is designed with full black tempered glass that adds beauty to your kitchen.

With this unit you can always be sure of tasty and nutritious food without any inconvenience.

It is pocket friendly too and comes under your budget. 


  • Full black tempered glass
  • Digital Clock with time display
  • Microwave/Grill/Combination
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Push Door Opening Button
  • Installation : Built In
  • Color : Multicolor
  • Capacity 20Litres


  • Stylish and Elegant Look
  • Easy to Use Push Door Button
  • Smart Digital Clock
  • Available in Multi Colors
  • Stainless Steel Body ensures durability
  • Different modes enables to cook variety meals


  • Not suitable for large families

KAFF KMW8A-BLK | Capacity 25 L


KAFF KMWA-BLK  is a built in oven that comes in 25 L and gives you enough capacity to cook big meals. This unit is featured with a multi programming mode that gives you an opportunity to polish your culinary skills.


  • Capacity 25 L
  • Interior Lighting
  • Push Door Opening Button
  • Full Black Tempered Glass
  • Multi Programming Mode
  • Auto Defrost Function With Time and Weight
  • Input Power (grill) : 1100 watt
  • Convection : 2500 watt
  • Digital Clock with Time Display
  • Thermostat 250 degree


  • Beautiful design adds esthetic to your kitchen
  • Interior Lighting allows you peep inside while cooking
  • Convection ensures crisped food
  • Multi- programming modes provides exposure to cooking
  • Auto Defrost helps to thaw frozen food in less time
  • Child Lock ensures safety if you have kids in your home
  • Thermostat helps to control the heat mechanism


  • Push Door may bothers you

KAFF OV 70AMSS 60 cm Electric Oven with True Convection

Best Kaff Oven

KAFF OV 70AMSS is a piece of versatile equipment that gives aesthetic to your modern kitchen. It has a stainless steel body that provides longevity to the product.

This oven comes with 70 L capacity which helps you cook meals for large families. It is also featured with multi-functions that take your cooking to the next level and that too without mess.


  • Cavity 70 L
  • Long Stainless Handle
  • Three Layer Glass Door
  • Anti-Finger Stainless Steel Finish
  • Blue LED lit Rotary Control Dials
  • Black Tempered Glass with Half Mirror Glass Finish
  • 60 cm Electric Oven with True Convection


  • Stainless Steel Finish gives elegant look to the kitchen
  • Long Stainless Steel Handle is easy to use
  • 3 Layered Glass Door ensures durability
  • Extra Large Cavity helps to cook large meals
  • Electric oven with true convection ensures perfect baking
  • Ensures Energy Efficiency with “A” class
  • Featured with multi-functionalities 
  • Defrost enabled


  • Water Vapour may trapped in the door



KAFF OV81 GIKF comes with an extra large cavity of 81 L that enables you to cook meals in large quantities for your dear ones.

With its large viewing window you can peep inside the oven while cooking. This unit is featured with multi functionalities like mechanical timer, oven light, top and bottom element and fan too.


  • Extra Large Cavity 81 L
  • 60 cm Electric Oven
  • Black Reflective Glass Fascia
  • Large Viewing Window
  • 3 Layer Glass Door
  • Matt Black Steel Handle
  • Rotary Electronic Control


  • 3 Layer Glass Door ensures durability
  • Matt Black Steel Handle adds to the beauty
  • Extra Large Cavity enables to cook large meals
  • Rotary Electronic Control is user-friendly
  • Featured with Full grill and rotisserie


  • Bulky


a lazy man's guide to kaff oven

KAFF K OV 60 MPZ is a store house of various innovative features. With its stainless steel finish, it adds glamour to your kitchen. 

This gadget is featured with multi-functions mode that helps you cook a variety of foods and that too with ease.


  • CAVITY : 60 L
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • 60 cm Electric Oven 
  • Two Layer Glass Door
  • Multi Programming Mode
  • Internal Cooling Fan
  • Long Stainless Steel Handle
  • Rotary Control Dials
  • Lower Heating Element with Fan
  • Touch Control with Digital Display
  • Traditional Oven Top / Bottom Heating Element
  • Oven Light


  • Stainless Steel Finish gives aesthetic look to your kitchen
  • Preset options available for quick heating
  • Backed with Power-Convection Technology
  • Easy to clean interior and exterior
  • Large display with blue light
  • Space savvy drop down door
  • Cost for value
  • Seven cooking functions


  • Moisture may trapped in the door
  • Door Handle may break if used with negligence


KAFF offers a wide variety of inbuilt ovens and many other kitchen appliances. It is a well known brand in Microwave Oven Inbuilt series.

KAFF believes that a healthy, clean and hygienic kitchen is the cornerstone of a healthy life.

For this purpose, they manufacture products that have the ability to promote health in your kitchen as well as in your life. 

Switch to KAFF, Switch to Healthy Life.


KAFF offers the latest technology ovens that have an unmistakable beautiful  design to make them stand out as powerful performers. 

They meet the highest culinary standards of quality, design and performance.Their products also make a lifestyle statement in their customers’ lives. 

Their unique features and easy to maneuver nature make them a must-have gadget in the kitchen.


I have tried my best to give you the in-depth detail of different variants of KAFF OVEN through A Lazy Man’s guide to KAFF OVEN that will surely help to choose the best one for you. Everyone deserves the product they purchase would be worth buying.

Buying an oven can be a tough task as there so many products with so many features. For this you should always refer to a buying guide for which you can refer to our article MICROWAVE OVEN INBUILT.

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