5 Best Microwave-Friendly Utensils To Make Cooking Easier And Safer

Microwave-Friendly utensils make the cooking process much easier and safer. But selecting the best one for you is a challenging task. This is because the range of microwave utensils is constantly expanding with new ideas and better quality products coming on the market. Like any other type of cookware, you need to be sure you’re … Read more

How Do Microwaves Work

How Do Microwaves Work

Whenever we cook or reheat food in microwave oven, we always wonder “How Do Microwaves Work?” Microwave ovens work by exciting the atoms which food is made up of. They are a form of electromagnetic radiation.  For those of you more technically inclined they have a wavelength of 12.4 cm and an energy value of … Read more

Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection Oven: Which Is Better?

Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection

Being a workaholic, I haven’t paid any attention to cooking. Always rely either on reheating last night’s leftovers or reheat packet stuff. So for that purpose, a microwave oven is more than enough.   But this coronavirus has changed the scenario. Staying at home and working from home demands home-cooked food. Moreover, this deadly virus learned … Read more

10 Best Microwaves Under 5000 in India

10 Best Microwaves under 5000 in India, Is that your budget? If yes, your search will end here. Gone are the days when microwave ovens were considered a great thing and were only the reach of wealthy people. Now, the scenario has changed. With constant innovation, various brands have created wonderful products within our budget. … Read more