How to cheat at ARCING MICROWAVE and get away with it?

Arcing Microwave means sparks or flashes in the microwave oven. It usually happens when electromagnetic waves directed from magnetron strike some metal particle or reflective surface.

It’s early morning, and your blurry-eyed attention has turned to an in helping instant coffee. You put a cup in the Microwave, zap the start button and shockingly opened your eyes due to mini-fireworks performance in your device. Guess what might have happened? You forgot the spoon in the coffee mug.

Arcing Microwave is typically safe; the cause behind that sparking would be very simple enough to get rectified. Luckily all the problems behind this arcing can be resolved at home by yourself. Don’t worry!


Metal Piece left Inside Microwave

A minute particle of metal is more than enough to cause arcing in the microwave oven. Some day you clean your Microwave inside with steel wool and unknowingly left a small piece of steel behind that causes sparks in the Microwave. Sometimes we forget a spoon in a coffee mug or fork in the bowl that will also emit arcing.

High-Voltage Diode may get Faulty. 

It is very important to see if a diode is not getting faulty. Apart from arcing Microwave, if you observe microwave oven taking much time to cook food than earlier, possibly high-voltage diode may get some issue. You can replace it by yourself or can take the help of any local electrician. If Microwave is in the warranty period, you can contact the company. They will give you the home service.

Waveguide Cover Is Soiled

Waveguide is a cover that protects the Magnetron, the core of the microwave oven that directs heat waves to the central area where food is placed. Your device may spark if the waveguide gets soiled with a food platter. Make sure it is not greasy with foodstuff. Also, if the waveguide is damaged, then also it might spark. So be careful.

Rack Support is damaged.

Some microwaves have rack support, and you can visualise it as a hook-like structure. These racks are made up of metal but covered with a protective layer of plastic. When this coating starts fading, metal in it gets sparked. So this hook should be replaced with a new one if exposed metal on rack support.

Incompatible Utensils

Maybe you are not using cookware compatible with the Microwave, which may also sparkle in the device. So it would be best if you were careful regarding that also.

Is A Sparking Microwave Dangerous?

Not! In most cases, arcing Microwave is not at all a sign of worry. It happens due to simple and easily rectified reasons. The fortunate thing is that you can easily overcome the reasons that lead to spark. You need to know about them and their solutions.

Does Arcing damage Microwave?

No. it is usual that food particles get dispersed while cooking in the Microwave and stick to a waveguide. Waveguide cover may get damaged and may lead to continuous sparks. So shut down the oven immediately and clean the waveguide cover and replace it if necessary.

How Do You Fix An Arcing Microwave?

arcing microwave

You can fix your problem easily with these cautions:

  1. The first and foremost step is to turn off the microwave oven immediately.
  2. Make sure you are using compatible utensils in the microwave oven to avoid arcing.
  3. Waveguide cover must be clean, and make sure it should not be damaged that will cause continuous sparking.
  4. If the above-given reasons are checked, the high-voltage diode must get faulty. Let your Microwave be a turn-off and call an expert to fix it.
  5. Last but not least, make sure you haven’t forgotten a metal spoon or fork, steel wool or any tin foils inside the oven.


Arcing Microwave is not a big problem, and you can stop it by turning off the Microwave immediately. You can resist sparkling further by carefully examining the oven cavity and try to detect the cause behind arcing before calling the technician.

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