How to cook an egg in the microwave without it exploding?

Oops, your egg explodes in the microwave oven. So you want to explore how to cook an egg in the microwave without it exploding? I have comprehensive information on how to cook eggs in microwave oven.

Microwave eggs are very, very tricky things to cook. If you get it just right, you’ll have a gorgeous yellow and white concoction smiling up at you from the plate. Cook them a little too much, and you’ll get a rubbery mess that will practically bounce when you drop it on the floor. Cook them with the shells on, and they’ll explode inside your microwave. And you know the kind of mess that makes!

Here, we’ll take a look at different ways to cook eggs in microwave.

  • how to make soft boiled egg in microwave
  • how to hard-boiled eggs in microwave 
  • Method to make microwave poached eggs recipe
  • Recipe for microwave scrambled eggs
  • Recipe to make a microwave omelet

And then, we’ll take a look at some of the more elaborate recipes for using eggs, like

  • how to make deviled eggs recipe
  • the best egg salad sandwich recipe,
  • our egg drop soup recipe,

All these ways help to give you the answer to the query, “How to cook an egg in the microwave without it exploding?”

Microwave eggs 

Microwave Eggs

Eggs are one of the universally recognized foods in the World. It doesn’t matter where you go, and every culture uses eggs in its cuisine. From the deserts of Sudan to the gardens of Japan, from Milan to Yucatan.

When Nature came up with the egg, it produced one of the premier, ready-wrapped, high protein food packages on the planet.

The human race first started domesticating chickens around four and a half thousand years ago. In that short space of time, humankind got to like the chicken (and the egg..)

So, there are now more chickens on the planet than there are members of any other bird species.

And eggs are so readily available. The US produces about 96 billion eggs per year, and of those, 60% are eaten directly by the US consumer, you and me. That sounds like a lot, huh? But, in reality, that is only 10% of the World’s production.

China is the No 1, producing 566 billion per year, or just under 40% of the World’s total production.

Eggs are everywhere….

How to cook an egg in the microwave without it exploding? 

To reveal the answer to the above question, you must understand the structure of an egg.

Inside an egg are a number of membranes. These are Nature’s protective barriers and are ways of keeping the egg safe from harm.

The first and most apparent is the outside shell. Although this looks hard, it is porous and allows the egg to “breathe.”

The second membrane is the see-through membrane that separates the yellow egg yolk from the egg white.

Now the question areises,

Can I cook an egg in its shell?

When you microwave eggs, the water contained in the egg turns to steam and expands rapidly. As the pressure builds up, the outer membrane (the eggshell) can rupture or “fail catastrophically,” as engineers call it.

This sudden failure is the first explosion that eggs can cause in your microwave. Eggs frequently end up covering every interior surface. So, this is not to be treated lightly.

The exact process can also occur within the second membrane, separating the yellow yolk from the egg whites. When poaching an egg, always puncture the membrane with a fork or a toothpick. Again, steam can build up inside the yolk. When the pressure causes the yolk membrane to break, it will spatter eggs all over the inside of your microwave.


Never cook them in their shells, except in an egg cooker

You can read more about The Science of Boiling an Egg .

Now, as you are familiar with the structure of an egg, you must be curious to know the answer to the question, “How to cook an egg in the microwave without it exploding”?

What is the best way to cook an egg in the microwave?

So, first, we’re going to take a look at the regular ways of cooking eggs. Ways that have been adapted for the microwave. Then, later, we’ll take a look at some more elaborate ways of using eggs.

But right up front, we’ll tell you that the elaborate recipes use the basic techniques with some frills added. 

Oh, and all timings are for an 800w Panasonic compact oven. If you have one of the 1300w PANASONIC monsters, you need to use 50% power or less. An egg is a delicate thing, and it doesn’t need to be microwaved back into the Stone Age.

Soft boiled egg in microwave | How to boil an egg in the microwave oven

The best way to cook eggs in their shells is to use an egg cooker. If you try to microwave eggs on their own without one, they have a nasty habit of exploding! So you must know how to cook an egg in the microwave oven without it exploding?

The Nordic Ware microwave egg cooker is the most popular by a mile, and so for this page, we will stick to using this one. They are easy to use and are available on Amazon, and if you click the link under the picture, you’ll go straight to the Amazon page.

You can make microwave eggs with any of the other brands, but you need to adjust your cooking accordingly. 

To get them nicely soft boiled, microwave eggs for about 6 mins on High.

Hard boiled egg in microwave | How to boil an egg in the microwave oven

Put the eggs in the Steamer & microwave for 8-10 minutes, depending on the wattage of your microwave. I did mine for 9 minutes. Be sure to use at least six eggs or all blowup. After they are done, please put them in cold water to stop the cooking.

Microwave Poached eggs recipe

Traditionally poached eggs are eggs that have been cooked in hot water without their shells. The eggshell is cracked on the edge of the pan, and then the egg is poured into the simmering hot water. No oils or fat are used. The eggs have a distinctive appearance after cooking, the yolks are soft, and they are usually laid onto toast for eating.

The equivalent of using microwave eggs is simple to achieve.

Take your egg, crack on the side of a cup, and pour into a cup. Discard the shell.

Then prick the egg yolk with a fork or wooden toothpick. This is important! It ruptures the second of the two membranes in an egg, the one that holds all the yellow yolk together. If this is not done, the steam pressure inside the yolk will cause the egg to explode in the microwave.

Put enough water into a small bowl, preferably a round-bottomed bowl, to cover the egg.

Then pour the egg into the water and cook for 60 secs until done. We generally put an upside-down plate over the bowl to act as a cover. If not entirely done, then microwave for another 15 seconds at a time.

Then empty the water from the bowl, and pour the egg onto two slices of toast. Add herbs or salt and pepper to taste.

Microwave Scrambled eggs recipe.

You don’t need any special equipment to make scrambled eggs as the yolks and egg whites are beaten together, breaking the inner membrane that holds the yolk.

First, heat some butter in a bowl with some herbs for about 1 minute. Rosemary and oregano are good choices to use. Then crack two eggs into a cup and add a spoonful of milk. Beat the mixture together lightly. You should not beat it so much that the egg mixture is uniform. If you beat lightly, then you’ll get a more uneven scrambled egg, with swirls of yolk and traces of egg white visible.

Then pour the mixture into the bowl.

Place the bowl into a microwave for 1 minute at High, with a plate on top acting as a cover. Take the bowl out and stir the egg mixture gently. Then cook again for 30 seconds.

The aim is to stop while the scrambled eggs are still a little liquid and not thoroughly cooked. When done, pour onto toast and eat.

Microwave Omelette Recipe 

This is a straightforward and easy recipe. Take a glass microwave-safe bowl and an upside-down plate as a cover for the glass bowl inside the microwave.

A glass bowl is best because it has very smooth sides. The sides in a plastic microwave dish eventually become too rough to allow the egg to slide smoothly out of the bowl.

Beat your eggs in a bowl and set them to one side.

Then figure out what your filling is going to be. If it is thin precooked ham and grated cheese, you do not need to heat this beforehand. But if you are using fresh vegetables, say green peppers and mushrooms, these will need to be cooked before adding in the egg mixture.

Take the green peppers and mushrooms, and slice thinly. Place them into a microwave bowl with a small amount of butter, and cook on High for 1 min, stirring halfway through to make sure the vegetables are well coated with butter. Take out and set the vegetables on one side.

Into the same bowl, place a small number of herbs (rosemary or oregano), and warm for 30 seconds or so, stirring to make sure the flavor of the herbs is getting into the butter.

Then add the filling to the beaten egg mixture. So, if it is grated cheese and ham, stir this in now. Or, if it is the cooked vegetables, add them to the egg mixture now.

Then pour everything into the herb-flavored butter, return to the microwave, and cook for 1 min on High. Take the bowl out and inspect your omelet. Do not stir it.

Hold the plate tight to the bowl, and turn both upsides down. The egg should fall straight out. Then slide the egg off the dish back into the bowl and microwave for another 30 seconds.

If it needs more cooking, then do this in 30-second bursts until the omelet is ready. The best breakfast omelets cooked by the best hotel chefs are always moist inside with lightly browned outside. While we can’t get the same browning with microwave eggs as with a frying pan, the aim is to stop cooking while the egg is still just liquid. It will continue cooking in its heat after you take it out of the oven.

Please give it a swirl, and see how you get on.

Microwave eggs – the best-deviled eggs recipe

At their most basic, deviled eggs are cold hard-boiled eggs, slit lengthways into two. The yolks are then removed and mixed with mayonnaise and mustard. This mixture is then spooned back into the hard egg whites.

First, peel the hard-boiled eggs, and then halve them lengthways. Scoop out the yellow yolks and place them in a bowl.

Then add the butter, mayonnaise, mustard, red pepper and salt, to the bowl and beat all the ingredients together until they form a rough paste.

Put the egg mixture back into the white egg halves and sprinkle with fresh herbs. An excellent way to do this is as though you were icing a cake. Put the mixture into a plastic bag, and then cut one of the bottom corners off. Then squeeze the mix out of the bag into each empty egg white.

Then place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before serving.

Microwave eggs – our egg salad sandwich recipe

This sandwich is made using the same fillings that we’ve described for the deviled microwave eggs recipe above. However, in this case, roughly chop up the egg whites and add to the yolk-based fillings. The small chunks of egg white should be visible in the final mix, as soft lumps of egg white surrounded by the egg paste. Lay a leaf of green lettuce onto your bread, and spoon the egg mixture on top before covering it with another slice of bread.

An egg drop soup is a soup in which beaten raw eggs are stirred into a chicken broth. As eggs are so famous across the World, many countries make their particular version.

The ingredients are

  • sesame oil or walnut oil
  • chopped garlic and ginger
  • 1- a teaspoon of cornstarch
  • chopped spring onions, or green onions or scallions, depending on your country
  • pinch of 5 spice powder
  • 2- pints of chicken stock
  • 3- eggs

We usually make a chicken broth with the bones and leftovers from a roast chicken, but ready-made chicken stock in a carton from the store is just as good.

First, crack the three eggs into a bowl and beat until yolks and whites are blended.

Then put a small amount of sesame oil into a microwave-safe dish, add garlic and ginger to taste, with a pinch of 5 spice powder, and then microwave for 1 min, covering the bowl with a plate.

Add almost all the chicken stock, and put it back in the microwave. Bring up to the boil, cook for another minute and then take out and stir well.

Mix the cornstarch in a cup with the remaining chicken stock, and then add it back to the soup, stirring constantly

Bring the soup to the boil again in the microwave.

You will have a thicker liquid than water but not too thick, and that has just reached the boiling point again.

Remove the bowl from the microwave and add the beaten eggs slowly and stir it continuously. It is the heat of the hot soup that cooks the thin egg mixture into long strands.

With the eggs appropriately dissolved, return the soup to the microwave for 30 seconds or bring it back to the boil.

Then serve into hot bowls, and garnish with the chopped green onions.

These are some basic elaborative and ways to cook eggs in the microwave oven that would definitely solve your query, “How to cook an egg in the microwave without it exploding?”


Is it safe to cook an egg in the microwave?

Yes, its absolutely safe to cook an egg in the microwave. You can make scrambled eggs or even poach them. Make sure eggs must be pierced so as to release steam from the eggs to resist explosion.

Whether you are cooking on stove-gas or in microwave, some nutrients are lost during the process. Therefore, cooking an egg in the microwave is safe from that point of view also. Moreover, cooking eggs in the microwave tastes better than stove-gas eggs.

Is it bad to eat microwaved eggs?

Microwaved eggs tastes even better than stovegas eggs. Also, there is no harm in consuming microwaved eggs. But, you should be cautious while its preparation in the microwave. Ensure the eggs should be pierced to release the steam formed inside the eggs.

Can you microwave an egg in water?

Of course you can, but little tricky. Take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it half with water. Then carefully crack your egg into the water. Now cover the bowl and zap the microwave oven for 1 minute or until its done.

And for boiling the eggs in the microwave oven so that they do not get explode, read the above recipies.

Microwave eggs – the egg rounds up.

Although microwave eggs are different in texture from eggs cooked by other means, if you adapt your cooking methods, you can still make quick, clean, and tasty egg-based dishes. And you can see that once you know how to use the basic techniques, it is only a tiny step further to making some of the more elaborate recipes.

But if there is one piece of information you should take away from this page, “Never Overcook Your Eggs“. Always use less power rather than more!

I hope I can solve your query, “How to cook an egg in the microwave oven without it exploding?” If you know some other techniques for cooking eggs, please share them with us.

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