Want to know the Microwave Parts Name and their functions, you are at the right place.

Choosing a microwave oven can be a surprisingly difficult job with each of the various models available, each with a wide range of features.

However, although these options are all available, most microwave devices share a common design below all lighting and buttons.

Understanding the underlying mechanism allows you to maintain an adequately functioning microwave oven and diagnose problems when they occur.

In this section, we will look at all the main microwave parts’ names and will learn how they operate.

Microwave Parts name with their functions


Main Part Of Microwave

It is probably the bit we are most familiar with. The cooking chamber has two roles.

The first is to ensure the microwaves stay in the oven so they are available for cooking your food and the second is to distribute the microwaves to every part of the oven so your food cooks evenly. 

This is achieved with the help of the Stirrer and a Turntable (see below).

The chamber is made of metal because metal reflects microwaves rather than allowing them to pass through (as glass would) or absorbing them (as food does).


The door of a microwave oven is a complex bit of kit. 

It has to open to allow you to get your food in and out but it must also have a system in place that ensures the oven can’t start unless the door is properly sealed. 

Otherwise, microwaves will escape. 

Finally, it should have a viewing pane that allows light to pass through – so you can see – but again without letting the microwaves out.

A system of interlock switches is used in the door to prevent the oven from starting up before the door is shut. 

Closing the door properly closes the electric circuit without which the system cannot operate.

The viewing pane has a layer of mesh. The mesh has very small perforations which allow light to travel through but not microwaves. 

You may remember from your school days that visible light has a longer wavelength than radio waves and microwaves are a form of the radio wave. 

So visible light can fit through the holes in the mesh but the microwaves can’t.


Most Important Microwave Oven Part

This is the store where microwaves are generated. It’s usually housed at the top of the cavity and feeds the microwaves into the waveguide and from there into the cavity of the oven.


The power generated by the magnetron is fed into the oven cavity through a hollow metal rectangular-shaped tube called a waveguide.


This is a type of fan that helps distribute the waves around the oven. 

A single stirrer is normally located at the top of the oven cavity but sometimes there are two stirrers – positioned on opposite walls.

 A final, though uncommon, variation is to have one at the top and one at the bottom.


A microwave oven turntable is another means of ensuring that the waves are evenly distributed. 

In the early days of microwave cooking, it was necessary to keep stopping the oven and turning the food a quarter turn.

This ensured that the microwaves reached everywhere. Nowadays a turntable does the same job for you without all the hassle. 


Microwave Parts Name

This is the powerhouse of the oven. It boosts the incoming power up to 3,000 – 5,000 DC – under no circumstances should you try to measure this current.

Please be aware that qualified technicians have been killed working on microwave oven parts such as this and, of all the parts, the high voltage transformer has got to be the most lethal. 

If you don’t know how to discharge a high voltage capacitor don’t even think of going near this. It’s just as dangerous when unplugged.


This is the bit where you tap in your instructions – the more sophisticated the model the more options you’ve got. 

Most microwave ovens have a touch screen but a few still have a timer that you need to turn to select the duration of cooking.

Control panels get warm and so if you have bugs in your kitchen they will try to make their home here!


If you have a good oven these can work well. While cooking food, the sensors measure when the water in the food has reached boiling point and then turn the oven off. 

When defrosting food they sense when the food is thawed.

Sensors that don’t work particularly well are one of the most common complaints with certain types of microwave ovens.

These are the main microwave parts name with their functionalities that helps you understand the mechanism of microwave. It also helps you rectify errors occurs, if any.


Of course, there are other parts such as fuses, light bulbs, screws, etc, but I haven’t gone into detail about those as I’m guessing you know what they are without me telling you!

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