Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection Oven: Which Is Better?

Being a workaholic, I haven’t paid any attention to cooking. Always rely either on reheating last night’s leftovers or reheat packet stuff. So for that purpose, a microwave oven is more than enough.  

But this coronavirus has changed the scenario. Staying at home and working from home demands home-cooked food. Moreover, this deadly virus learned the value of freshly cooked food with more nutrition that boosts our immunity.

But wait a minute, a microwave oven can’t help you with this. You either need to have an OTG or Convection Microwave Oven.

Confused between Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection Oven, me too. As I have already told you that neither I had the time nor I had an interest in cooking, I did my homework, and on that basis, I will explain the differences between these three units.

Major Differences: Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection Oven 

A microwave oven is the most versatile essential appliance in the kitchen. You will feel helpless without it; at least, I can’t think of life without it. These variants of the oven are square-sized boxes that cook, reheat, or bake the food. 

They can be categorized into three different categories based on the following grounds:

  • Usability
  • Heating Mechanism
  • Power Consumption
  • Cookware Used
  • Auto-Cook Option
  • Time Consumption
  • Weight
  • Price

What is a Microwave Oven?

A Microwave oven is a basic kind of oven that works on electromagnetic waves. 

These microwaves reflect off the metal cavity inside the unit and strike the food to excite the water content in that food. This leads to friction between molecules that gives birth to heat energy. This heat energy cooks the food from inside out. 

This is how the microwave oven works

That was the scientific explanation. 

Now I will explain in lay man’s language. Microwaves tend to get absorbed in liquids like water and fats. 

When microwaves strike the food with high frequency, they enter the food and result in motions of atoms that release heat. This heat takes the pride to cook food evenly. 

The best part is that these microwaves heat the food from inside, which results in homogenous cooking. An instance of this would be LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

So, after having so many benefits, why do we need another version of the microwave oven? Don’t you think so? You must be….

For that query to get solved, you must read further…

What is OTG?

Oven Toaster Griller is a miniature form of the traditional oven, which used to be giant. 

An OTG works with heating rods or coils that convert electrical energy into heat energy. 

This unit has rods both at the top and the bottom, which creates a high temperature in the oven. This heat then bakes the food evenly. You can switch to either or both the rods on in the Otg. 

The top rod helps to grill the food, while if you need to bake, you have to use both rods. An essential part thermostat present in Otg takes pride in regulating the temperature that ensures food is cooked perfectly. 

An Instance of this would be KENT OTG (Oven Toaster Griller), 20L, Multifunctional Knobs, Keep Warm Function.

An OTG is a bakers’ Love who bakes regularly. You can bake spongy brownies, crispy and flaky cookies, and much more. 

Important Note:  You need to preheat an OTG for baking your cakes, cookies, or even pizzas. So, if you are in a hurry, OTG won’t help you out.

Now, you must be wondering, then why do we need a Convection Oven? Let’s read a bit more… 

What is a Convection Oven?

A Convection oven is a combination of two modes of the oven: a normal microwave and Convection. 

A fan and a heating element installed in this unit circulate the air inside the oven and cook food properly. 

In a convection oven, heat is not concentrated at a single point; it gets distributed due to the fan being inbuilt. This distribution is termed Convection that makes the surface of food crispy. 

The best part is it takes less time to cook in a convection oven. Thus, it is an energy-efficient unit. An instance of this would be IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30BRC2, Black, With Starter Kit)

After all the discussion, I have zero down on the Convection oven as it is an all-rounder that can cook, reheat, thaw, and even bake the food properly. 

Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection Oven

I have decided I will buy a Convection microwave oven. I find it a better decision that will fulfil all my requirements.

Benefits of choosing a Convection Oven


A Convection Oven will fulfil all your requirements in comparison to other variants. You can do all your cooking activities with one device, be it normal cooking, thawing, or even baking.


A Convection oven is energy efficient as it takes less time to cook food. Unlike OTG, you don’t need to preheat the unit. You only have to heat it, and the dish is ready instantly.

Polish Culinary Skills

Cooking is an art, and a convection oven helps you elevate your culinary skills to the next level. A beginner who doesn’t know how to cook can easily explore the new cuisines with its automatic preset menus.

Homogenous Cooking

A fan with a heating element inside a convection oven helps to circulate hot air inside the unit that cooks food evenly. Moreover, this hot air caramelizes the surface of the food and gives it a crispy texture outside but tender inside.


A Convection oven usually carries high wattage due to which device will take less time to cook food and thus consumes less electricity. So, a convection microwave oven takes pride in being energy-efficient.

So, you have decided to buy a convection microwave oven. For that matter, you can check out our article, “Which Brand is Best for Microwave Oven?”

A Convection oven is a better choice. You are getting all the options on one device.

 A Solo microwave is a good option if you want to reheat last night’s leftovers or need to thaw the food. But, a Solo microwave oven will fail on your aspirations of baking.

A convection oven has a fan inside it that distributes the hot air on the surface of the food that makes it crispy. But a microwave fails to radiate heat to the complete cooking area. 

So, you have purchased your unit, that’s great. Use it carefully, pay proper attention to its maintenance and cleaning from inside so that no residue may be left behind. This residual may lead to microwave arcing.

Factors you must consider before buying either device:

What to Cook

An OTG is best for professional cooking that as baking or grilling. But it fails to reheat the food; if it is, it will take much time. On the other hand, a Convection oven is great even for reheating and other baking and grilling tasks. So, it would help if you consider it while buying the unit for reheating purposes only or you want a baking device.


A Convection oven does all the tasks efficiently you need for cooking or baking. But the only constraint is that it reaches up to 32 L capacity while OTG can go up to 60 L. So, if you have a party at your house and cook large meals, that will not be possible in a convection oven.

Easy To Use

An OTG is a smaller version of a traditional oven. It is not as smart and innovative as a Convection microwave oven with a digital display, automatic features, and much more. Thus, a Convection oven is quite easy to maneuver. 


For baking, a unit requires it to get preheated. An OTG needs 15-20 for preheating while a Convection oven finishes this task in 5 minutes. So, this is also an important factor to consider while opting for Microwave vs OTG vs Convection Oven.

Time and Cost

Though a Convection microwave oven is a bit pricier than an OTG, it takes less time to cook or bake food. Preheating time is also less in a convection oven. So, a Convection oven is energy-efficient and puts less strain on your pocket.

So, you have read till now, you will now be clear in your mind what you need,” Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection Oven“.

But in my opinion, a Convection Microwave will play a versatile role that will fulfil all your requirements, rest you decide upon your requirements.

For that purpose, you can check out our article, “Why IFB OTG is more popular than Beyonce?”

Wrapping up for Microwave Vs OTG Vs Convection Oven

Every device is crafted to provide us with convenience and comfort. Which device is better? I think this question is futile. The important thing is our requirements and also our budget. So, pick your unit according to your needs and understanding.

A Solo Microwave oven is more than enough if you only use it for reheating or thawing food only. If you are not going to use its innovative features, you are not exploring its potential. So, don’t opt for a Solo microwave oven.

An OTG is a baker’s choice; it bakes the food surface pretty well and thus is liked by professionals. But, it has many constraints we have discussed above. So, take your decision wisely.

If you want an all-in-one unit, you must go for a Convection Oven that takes pride in cooking, reheating, thawing, and even baking properly in less time.

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